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Over $400 million for our clients, 
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Romanucci & Blandin: Experienced Chicago,
Illinois Trampoline Injury and Trampoline Accident Lawyers

The Personal Injury law firm of Romanucci & Blandin was founded by prominent personal injury attorneys Antonio M. Romanucci and Stephan D. Blandin. Our firm is one of Illinois' top plaintiff's personal injuries, workers' compensation and civil trial practices.

We represent individuals and their families in catastrophic personal injury matters, which include injuries at birth, traumatic brain injuries, as well as wrongful death and workers' compensation cases. These cases are the result of construction negligence and accidents, aviation catastrophes, medical malpractice occurrences, properties liability, nursing home negligence and accidents, mishaps that occur from police car chases and victims who suffered injuries from burns.
 Top Chicago, Illinois Personal Injury & Trampoline Injury Lawyers
Since the founding of our firm nearly 15 years ago, we have won more than $400 million in settlements and verdicts, and dozens of those cases have exceeded $1 million. Accomplishing this feat in this short time span necessitates a very distinct set of legal knowledge and skills, and an unparalleled passion for justice. The attorneys in our firm pride themselves with having those skills and passion, and they handle all aspects of your case so you can support your loved ones in their time of need. We are also able to offer on-going support to you and your family, so you may be able to cope with your loved one's injury, or with your loss.

Our clients have informed us of what sets our firm apart, and this includes our successful record, the depth of our experience, our talented, meticulous attorneys and support staff, and our considerate, compassionate advocacy in the courtroom where we fight for the rights of those whose lives have been altered forever.

Throughout the years, we have gone up against some of the nation's leading, most influential corporations, hospitals, manufacturers, insurance companies, construction companies and municipalities. We have continued to win cases against these industry giants because we present comprehensive facts, and the need for justice that juries cannot overlook. In the end, these companies are held responsible for their actions.
Romanucci & Blandin: Chicago, Illinois Personal Injury Law Firm Results
There was a record verdict in Cook County in 2009, for example, where a Cook County jury awarded the parents of a ten-year-old boy with a $22.3 million verdict. This was a case of medical negligence which was due to the care and treatment received on May 29, 1999 at Advocate Christ Medical Center/Hope Children's Hospital, located in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn. Unfortunately, the negligence in this case resulted in the loss of the boy's left leg along with other disabilities. The jury was in agreement with the plaintiff's contentions that the hospital and staff were negligent in that they were unsuccessful in making a timely diagnosis of the boy's shunt problem. They also exposed him to a superfluous cardiac catheterization; improperly applied a pressure dressing to the boy's left leg and then did not remove it in a timely manner; failed to monitor his pulse; and unfittingly destroyed an echocardiogram. With the verdict, this boy and his family will no longer need to worry about receiving quality care.

Another case involved a female construction worker, who sustained incomplete paraplegia after a five-foot trench collapsed on her, and was awarded a $5,550,000 settlement because of her injuries. Now she will be able to get the care she needs for the rest of her life.
Romanucci & Blandin: Chicago Injury Lawyers, Chicago Accident Lawyers
Along with our extraordinary accomplishments on behalf of our clients, we have worked hard to change laws and rules so our world can be safer. The advocacy work we do on behalf of the American Association for Justice has brought restitution to victims and their family, and has also brought on changes that make our country safer for everyone. Thanks to the civil justice system, asbestos is no longer being used in schools or in public buildings so people are no longer being exposed to this toxin. Another example is that insurance companies, who evade paying just claims, employ hardball strategies against policyholders and continue to raise their premiums while amassing excessive profits are being examined. Why?

These insurance companies are enjoying their highest profits ever, and it is at the expense of the consumers. The American Association for Justice has conducted lengthy research which examined insurance company greed and what consumers can do to hold them responsible.

In another example, the rules of Little League International were changed early on in 2011, prohibiting the use of metal baseball bats. Romanucci & Blandin are passionate advocates for the ban on metal baseball bats by youth leagues. In 2008, a bill was introduced in the Illinois State Legislature that would have banned metal bats, and we were in full support of this bill. 
Unfortunately, the bill did not make it out of committee. In 2009, we launched a full effort to get an ordinance approved by the Chicago City Council which would have banned using metal bats by all of the youth leagues in the area. After a half-day of testimonies, the ordinance failed to get the committee votes necessary to make it to the City Council floor for a full vote.


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